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Five Star Review!

“Stories from the Heart is an utter delight. Thank you Jim and Rebecca for your beautiful re-telling of these ancient tales. I know many people will be transported and transformed by your dedication to bring death into our awareness through such creative expression.”

Sue Brayne, author of Living Fully, Dying Consciously: the path to spiritual wellbeing and host of Embracing Your Mortality podcast.

“How could stories that take readers and listeners deep into the themes of dying and grieving lead to the fullness of living? Ah yes, but that’s what story can do and what this beautiful collection of traditional tales indeed does. And perhaps another paradox; that these sensitively curated stories and questions that explore the mortality we all face, can lift us to a lighter perspective, bringing comfort and sometimes even joy! You will be lovingly held and thoughtfully carried.”

Lani Peterson, Psy.D. Psychologist, storyteller, teacher, and coach.

“Stories of the Heart is a storyteller’s invitation for contemplative and creative communication about living with dying, grief, and loss. Each narrative, retold from traditional tales, unfolds in a conversational, and non-threatening, style that eases the heart as it allows for profound and often difficult feelings to be expressed. Expression, reflection and acknowledgment is the underlying magic of the book. It does this without denying contradictory and tender responses. We are given the opportunity to participate in the life-giving love of being present for the most difficult truth of our lives. “

Laura Simms, Internationally acclaimed storyteller, writer, humanitarian, and educator.

“Stories of the Heart is filled with carefully curated, multicultural folktales that illuminate the gifts gained from recognizing our own mortality. Jim Brulé and Rebecca Lemaire have crafted a profound book that offers comfort and guides readers to find meaning in life even though faced with the inevitability of death.”

Heather Forest, PhD

“Your little collection of diverse and unusual stories is fascinating! I’ve never before seen such a collection of meaningful, timeless stories about grief and death with such thought-provoking questions included.”

Merilynne Rush, MSHP, RN, BSN. Owner, The Dying Year; first President, National End-of-Life Doula Association (NEDA)


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